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Workshop on “Slow Bible Reading”

Workshop on “Slow Bible Reading”

Date: Saturday 2 February 2019
Location: Exeter Cathedral

My workshop was on the ancient monastic practice of Lectio Divina. It was part of a Prayer & Spirituality Day – “Come and See” – to enable people could explore different spiritual practices and ways to pray.

I aimed the session at people who would like to use the Bible as a way into prayer. People who might have spent a lot of time in study and wanted to deepen their encounter with scripture, or perhaps struggled a bit with the Bible’s content and wanted a different way in, or might have tried Ignatian meditation in the past and struggled with imagining Bible scenes. The session also aimed to be useful for people who would like to learn a new way of praying and sharing in groups.

I produced some resources to help people learn about and practise Lectio Divina in their own prayer life and shared in groups. I adapted material from Martin L Smith “The Word is Very Near You” and usage at Mucknell Abbey, and included a few scripture readings to get started. Leaflets for sharing and printing:

Other practices and ways of praying explored during the day:

  • Pilgrim Paths – Labyrinth
  • Silence – contemplative prayer
  • Find God’s face in paint
  • Knowing God in each hour
  • The Jesus Prayer – prayer of the heart
  • Meditate with Taizé
  • Review your day with God


  1. This session was the best part of the day for me. Thank you, Clare
    Seeing all the amazing output on your website inspires me to do more with my glass. See FB collection below of some of my experimentation from word go. I’ve always desired somehow to reflect something more spiritual in it, but am a craftsperson not an artist!

    1. Thank you Karen. It was really good to meet you on Saturday and have a conversation about these things. I love the blues you use in your work. The line between craft and art is definitely blurred! Do you know the work of Amy McCarthy (amyorangejuice) in Teignmouth?

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