From God's fullness we have all received, grace upon grace
Preaching to the birds

Preaching to the birds

This afternoon a friend sent me an image of St Francis* preaching to the birds.

And then I went for a wander in Ludwell Valley Park and ended up sitting on a fallen tree-trunk by the Northbrook, watching for the kingfisher. Gradually becoming aware that I was surrounded by birdsong, I began to muse and murmur…

“Well, birds, what could I possibly have to say to you of God and life that you don’t already fully inhabit? It seems to me that you are all already being what God created you to be, not rejecting nor second-guessing, but revelling in your callings. So surely you are all preaching to me.”

…whereupon the kingfisher flashed up to a branch of the elder, and down to the stream and around the corner out of sight.

* No, he’s not texting!