Grace Upon Grace

From God's fullness we have all received, grace upon grace

Grace Upon Grace

Grace Upon Grace

Grace Upon Grace

From God's fullness we have all received, grace upon grace

“Accompaniment in prayer”

Spiritual Directors or Soul Friends will not finish the race for us. But they will share the journey and help us notice where God is active in our relationship of prayer and in our daily lives.
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Lectio Divina: “dew…brook”

A word from Psalm 110. Something as tiny as a dew drop has the potential to grow into a brook, and further downstream to become the river of life.
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“Always beginning in prayer”

We are all always beginning in prayer, and always will be. The true experts in prayer have a beginner's mind, always open to new possibilities.
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Come and Pray: Lectio Divina

Come and Pray was a day-long event at Exeter Cathedral, featuring opportunities to engage in different forms of prayer and worship. It was lovely to play a small part myself, leading a shared Lectio Divina session for anyone who wished to experience a new way of praying with the Bible.
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“Praying our Gratitude”

Gratitude reminds us of abundance and leads to an attitude of contentment, interdependence, and respect for Creation and Creator.
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Guided meditation: Encountering the Depths

An imaginative meditation on Julian of Norwich's description of her thoughts being led down to the seabed; using the approach of Anthony de Mello in Sadhana; for use in groups.
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Clare Bryden. Photo credit

I have been a Christian for more than thirty years. For many year I sought to live out my faith in working to encourage care for the environment as God’s creation and justice for our neighbours across the earth and in future generations. Nowadays, I simply try to live in that way, paying attention, and underpinned by a calling to contemplative prayer.