Grace Upon Grace

From God's fullness we have all received, grace upon grace

Grace Upon Grace

Grace Upon Grace

Grace Upon Grace

From God's fullness we have all received, grace upon grace

Guided Meditation: Shining like the sun

An imaginative meditation based on Thomas Merton's realisation that all people are walking around shining like the sun; for use in groups.
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“Praying with icons”

Many icons depict Jesus, or Mary presenting her son, as gazing directly at the pray-er, inviting eye contact as a way into encounter with the person of Jesus.
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“Dramatised Mark” in Exeter Cathedral

A dramatised reading of of the Gospel according to St Mark created by Professor Chris Bryan and directed by David Gunn-Johnson.
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“Compline: A celebration of Ascension” in St Olave’s Church

Performance of "On the Holy Mountain" by Andrew Wilson and other vocal and instrumental music, concluding with the service of Compline. Hosted by Margaret Aagesen Hughes (Soprano) and Clare Bryden (Alto). Featuring musicians Joshua Hamilton and Sarah Rimmington (Violin), Catherine Bradley (Cello), Andrew Maries (Oboe) and John Draisey (Piano).
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“Friendship with God”

Consider your friendship with God. How do you relate to God as you would relate to a friend? What makes a good friendship?
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“Accompaniment in prayer”

Spiritual Directors or Soul Friends will not finish the race for us. But they will share the journey and help us notice where God is active in our relationship of prayer and in our daily lives.
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Clare Bryden. Photo credit

I have been a Christian for more than thirty years. For many year I sought to live out my faith in working to encourage care for the environment as God’s creation and justice for our neighbours across the earth and in future generations. Nowadays, I simply try to live in that way, paying attention, and underpinned by a calling to contemplative prayer.